ClearBuild Tech was founded to address the continuing problem of cash flow management.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to give you the ability to focus on what matters by giving you insights and actionable answers to your cash status.

Who we serve

Know Your Project’s Real Financial Picture

Born out of a need for easily accessible financial data, ClearBuild is built for anyone looking to see a project’s finances present and future and drive their profitabilty.

ClearBuild Tech helps you to develop long term client relationships by facilitating the successful financial management of a project.

What we do

Financial Visibility is the Key to Profitability

Our decades of experience in the construction industry taught us that the success of any type of project is grounded in tight financial controls and continuous forecasting.

Pulling data from a contractor’s books, ClearBuild converts it to percentage-of-completion, automating the analysis a team of MBAs could perform, and delivers the insights every project requires.

We built ClearBuild to satisfy an absence of easy-to-use software that is capable of providing an understanding of a project’s “true” financial status.

Company story

Over the span of his contractor career, Bob’s financial and accounting colleagues helped him to appreciate the value of insights that lay within a company’s financial data.

Driven by the effort and number of people involved to get to the valuable data, he developed a tool that would present the most important, actionable insights simply and graphically.

Bob took his idea to his partner, Jay and ClearBuild is the result.
Pulling data from a contractor’s books, ClearBuild converts it to percentage-of-completion, automating the analysis a team of MBAs could perform, and deliver the insights every project requires.

Robert L. “Bob” Renneker

CEO of ClearBuild Tech

Bob Renneker is the co-founder and CEO of ClearBuild Tech. Before founding ClearBuild Tech, Bob was Penco Construction’s Chief Operating Officer and eventually the CEO. He oversaw the company’s growth to the nation’s leading multifamily reconstruction firm with annual revenues in excess of $80M.

Bob started out as a general contractor focusing on the rehabilitation of multifamily properties. Producing multi-family reconstruction projects in dozens of states. Bob’s companies have executed thousands of projects with contracts totaling approximately $1B. Bob has a proven track record of excellence in this niche specialty.

During his career, he has qualified for and produced projects for state and federal agencies, as well as hundreds of private clients including publicly traded REIT’s, market rate developers, tax-credit redevelopment firms, education institutions, sureties and others.

Through more than twenty years of building great teams and systems Bob has developed a depth of expertise that is unique in the reconstruction industry.

Jay Calvert

Chief Operating Officer

Jay Calvert is the co-founder of ClearBuild Tech. Having worked together for many years, partnering on various real estate developments, Jay helped Bob turn his idea into ClearBuild Tech.

Jay, a Florida state certified licensed contractor, first served as the Senior Vice-President of Penco Construction for over 23 years. He now runs his own construction company, Calvert Construction & Development, Inc.

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